The Wrecking hits iTunes Top 10!
Aug 22

The Wrecking hits iTunes Top 10!

We have some exciting news for everyone: our second full-length album, So Much for Love, climbed up the iTunes charts yesterday reaching number 10! We are incredibly honored and blessed. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy.

We were so inspired by the way everyone came together on Facebook and Twitter to support the new record and started to understand that you all like a challenge. Well here is today's challenge: we would love to see So Much for Love hit the top 5!

Let all of your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and little brothers know about the new record, and give them the iTunes link

If you haven't purchased your copy yet, you can head over to iTunes. Getting your copy of "So Much For Love' couldn't be easier! Just click the album cover and you are already almost done!

As always, know that we love you all, and appreciate your support and prayers so very much!

Many Blessings!

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