Hunger and Thirst
Sep 21

Hunger and Thirst

Come to find out, dehydration is a very real health risk for people in all walks of life.  

Young and old, male and female, active and sedentary.

The dangers are real.  Here are some of the actual medial symptoms of dehydration: Chills, Headaches, Nausea, and Muscle spasms.

In extreme cases the neglect of something as simple as drinking water can completely debilitate or even kill an otherwise healthy human being.  

One much less frightening, yet more common symptom of mild dehydration is an overactive appetite for food.  In other words we can be so subconsciously thirsty that we become very consciously and unnecessarily hungry.  When this occurs we will seek out food with a reckless abandon in order to fill the wrongly perceived void in our gut.  The problem begs this question: Exactly how much food is needed to quench the debilitating effects of dehydration?  If one is eating any of our culture's go-to snack foods ie: pop-tarts, french fries, or the ever-popular HotPockets, it is easy to see that proper hydration is not a likely outcome any time soon.  WATER, and only WATER is what's needed.

In my own life, when I am in an ongoing struggle, I suspect I am wrongly hungry for other things when in actuality what my spirit really needs is a long, unhindered stop at the fount.  

Think back to the last time you were physically thirsty to the core.  When the water finally touched your lips and ran down your throat and cooled your chest cavity from the inside out, didn't it almost seem that the H2O must have contained some sort of super-power?  Like you had somehow found yourself in possession of the potent product of a mad scientist's laboratory?  

Am I going too far?

Maybe so.

BUT the fact is that your body knows it has just ingested that which will keep it alive for a little while longer, and that's a good feeling.

Let me encourage you (and ask that you please encourage me) to gravitate to the living water that Christ so willingly offers us through the Spirit and the Word, resisting the lure of other sustenance which will never adequately nourish or satisfy.  I believe that in the same way that dehydration kills the vitality of the human body and the proper function of its organs, spiritual dehydration takes a deadly toll on the life of the believer as well as on the effectiveness of the body of Christ as a whole.

Food for thought.


Many blessings, friends.


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